Monday, July 26, 2010   (Image © James Wisener)
 Laser Masters  Canadian Championship  Sturgeon Lake  Al Clark takes the title
Is it harsh to drive ladies and gentlemen who are getting on in their years to sail 10 races in three days. Not if you are a competitor at the 2010 Laser Masters Canadian Championship on Sturgeon Lake, ON. The stars of then showed that they still got it now. And they had a good time, too. After all was tallied, including the discard and the age handicap, the destinction of Canadian Masters Champion 2010 was bestowed on Al Clark (50 pts., Master age group) from Royal Vancouver YC. In second Ray Davies (52, Apprentice), followed by Laser and Finn Maestro Terry Neilson (70, Master). Top Grand Master was Rob Koci --(88) in fifth. Top lady, as so often, Susie Pegel (149, Master) in 12th. Best Great Grand Master was Lindsay Hewitt (185) in 16th. All results and the gallery. More will be published later today on the event Web site. Thanks to James Wisener for staying up into the wee hours to git’er done!

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