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49er, 49erFX, Nacra 17 - World Championship 2016 - Clearwater FL, USA - Day 5 - live
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Thursday, 23. February 2012   
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18-Foot Skiff - JJ Giltinan Championship 2012 - Sydney AUS - Day 5
The defending champion 'Gotta love it 7' with Seve Jarvin/ Sam Newton/Scott Babbage AUS finished yesterday's race sailed in an 8-10 kn breeze with an advance of over 5 minutes. Considering their superiority with three bullets and a second rank, they hardly will cede the first position in the remaining races. New on rank 2 is now 'Mojo Wines' with Archie Massey/Dan Wilsdon/Mike McKinsey AUS. The report of the day, the video of the day and the event-website, where the results of todays's race 5 will be available during this morning. Following the Sydney Harbour skiff racing traditions, there is daily betting on the first three finishers available also online.
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18-Foot-Skiff - JJ Giltinan Trophy 2012 - Sydney AUS

Thursday, 16. February 2012– Monday, 27. February 2012


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