Camelia Cup - Folsom Lake Ca. USA

Monday, April 11, 2011   
 Camelia Cup  Folsom Lake Ca. USA
Charles Witcher’s 13-foot Banshee class dinghy, 'Ghost', was an apparition that could not be touched, as he sailed to four, first-place finishes to win the 45th Annual Camellia Cup Regatta on Folsom Lake, today. In the forty years that Banshees have competed in the Camellia Cup, Witcher’s win was the first regatta championship by a Ban-shee. The 56-year-old Sacramento sailor, representing the Folsom Lake Yacht Club (FLYC), took home the Banshee class and Open Centerboard and Camellia Cup perpetual trophies. The regatta was conducted sunny weather and light to moderate breezes, which blew from 6 to 8 miles per hour. Read the full report (PDF) including all results.

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