Sunday, June 25, 2017   (Image © Sander Van der Borch)
 AC50  35th America's Cup  Hamilton BER  Day 3
After a 5 days' pause, the America's Cup Challenge resumed yesterday with two races. The question, whether 'Oracle' with Jimmy Spithill AUS succeeded to compensate for the speed handicap in the prevailing light air was answered quickly: .... they did with new foils. Only some tactical and handling errors prevented them from winning race 1 and 'Team NZL' put the score one up to 4-0. In the second race, 'Oracle' controlled 'Team NZL' and grasped their first point with a 9 sec advantage to a 4-1 results. This means, that racing will continue at least until Monday to realize 7 victories.
The daily news and the informative comment of Paul Cayard USA.
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AC-50-Catamaran - 35th America's Cup - Hamilton BER

Saturday, 17. June 2017– Tuesday, 27. June 2017


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