Tuesday, August 22, 2017   
 BeachCatamaran  Yvan Bourgnon SUI in the NorthWest Passage
Forced to interrupt his journey because of upcoming ice, Yvan Bourgnon SUI has now tackled the last part of the North-West-Passage, slowed down by drift-ice especially during the night when up in the high North, the sun disappears for about 6 hours. To anchor the cat, a water depth of max two meters is allowed due to the length of the anchor hawser and detours to approach the shore are the consequence. The latest obstacle shows up: the Tundra, free from snow due to the climate warming, is partly on fire in the North of Canada as well as on Greenland, and thick billows of smoke not only cumber the navigation, but heavily reduce the direct warming sunlight. The report (in French).
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