World Sailing - Annual Conference - Puerto Vallarta MEX

Monday, November 13, 2017   
 World Sailing  Annual Conference  Puerto Vallarta MEX
On the occasion of the World Sailing Annual Assembly in Mexico, Stan Honey and Richard Slater made an impressive presentation on 'Technology, Tracking, Telemetry and Electronic Umpiring'. Honey is not only an excellent sailor/navigator, but as a Stanford graduated engineer also a leading head regarding position tracking of any kind since 1978, as e.g. the ETAK project. Honey's CV (PDF) does not need any explanation.
The 40-minute presentation can be replayed within the video of the Friday session (begins after 6h 42min). While Stan Honey gives a short overview on the technology yesterday, today and in the future, Richard Slater presents the practical implementation at the Bermuda America's Cup as experienced from the teams' side as well as race direction and umpires.

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