Sunday, November 26, 2017   
 Star  Dario Noseda ITA crosses the Atlantic Ocean !
Up to now, Dario Noseda ITA from Mandello/Lake Como ITA was sailing his Starboat in round-the-buoy regatta in the very active Italian Star community. But a few weeks ago, the decided to start to a real long-distance race and cross the Atlantic with his Starboat. Starting off Gran Canaria, he reached the Cape Verdes (1000nm away) after 11 days, where he has interrupted the journey for a repair stop. The Starboat, modified to cope with the special requirements of such an adventure, responded to his needs. But his most important problem is to find a good sleeping position in the small cockpit, and the wind strenght and direction must be ideal to give him some real rest. In a few days, he will depart direction Bahamas. He calculated 20-30 days for the crossing.
The project Facebook page and the videos.

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