Thursday, February 1, 2018   
 13 years
On February 1, 2005, went online, as a unique Internet platform for the sailing sport welcomed and appreciated not only by insiders but by a wide international public. The up-to-dateness (6h a.m. UTC), the active research for running events, the three languages (D, F, E) and the non-stop 365-day/year service made these pages the preferred address, especially in Europe, but also overseas.
It is a fact that the Internet is the backbone for news and information distribution replacing printed media, and there is no end to these developments. For one year now, sailing-news has also been the special-interest TV channel presenting all sailracing livestream coverage available. So over the coming weekend with the next races of the 18-footer Australian Nationals and the start to the 6th leg of the Volvo Ocean Race.
We hang on .... with your help. Our fundraising campaign goes on. Thank you very much !

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