Monday, February 19, 2018   (Image © Jeremy Lecaudy)
 VOR65  Ocean Race 2017/18  Leg 6  Day 13
The weather pattern on the Pacific remains unpredictable and apparently, the innertropical convergence zone with thunderstorms and lulls is much wider as presented on the race tracker yesterday. 'Scallywag' with David Witt AUS on a fast track temporarily took the lead for a moment, but stalled this morning UTC and will probably be replaced by 'Brunel' (Bouwe Bekking NED), the only boat progressing with no decelerations and now only one mile behind the leader. The battle will go on passing the lull patches in the coming days. Everybody can win, even the backmarker 'Mapfre' 55nm behind, as there are still 1'800nm left to Auckland.
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VOR65 - Ocean Race 2017/18 - Alicante ESP

Saturday, 14. October 2017– Tuesday, 26. June 2018


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