Ice Sailing - DN European Championship 2018 - Lake Wilimie POL - Day 2

Friday, March 2, 2018   
After to the two qualifying races and the only race completed on the opening day due to icy temperatures, two more races were completed yesterday yesterday. With ranks 1 and 2, the current North American Champion Ron Sherry USA extended his lead. Lukasz Zakrszewski POL in second place is already 10 points behind. Michal Burczynski POL follows on rank 3. The newly crowned world champion Karol Jablonski POL moved up to fourth place after his slip-up on the starting day (rank 13). With a 19th and a 23rd today Chris Berger USA is now 9th overall. James Thieler USA is 22nd overall with a 32nd and 16th in today's races. The Leaderboard and the summary report of the US team.
At the start are a total of 152 sleds. The event website with all leaderboards.

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